Sony offers revenue-sharing deals to promote Blu-ray

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.22.07

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Sony offers revenue-sharing deals to promote Blu-ray
As if there wasn't enough shameless Blu-ray promoting going on of late, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is now adding fuel to the fire by offering "revenue sharing on Blu-ray Disc releases through Rentrak Corporation." Starting this September, Sony will reportedly make "all of its new releases and select catalog titles on Blu-ray available under the agreement, which expands the studio's DVD revenue-sharing deal with Rentrak." Interestingly, neither firm has been willing to disclose the terms just yet, but SPHE president David Bishop did note that he felt it was important to "make sure that the rental component of the Blu-ray launch was covered." Now, the big question seems to hover around whether or not this move is anti-competitive or not, and as we all know, that's certainly not foreign territory for BD.

[Via AfterDawn]
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