TiVo HD launches

Ryan Block
R. Block|07.24.07

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Ryan Block
July 24th, 2007
TiVo HD launches

Ah, right on time the TiVo HD launches, and with all the expected features and highlights. Users can expect:
  • HDMI / component out up to 1080i
  • Dual frontal CableCARD slots (plus M-Card compatibility! slots are behind the gray plastic bar), single ATSC tuner, analog NTSC, etc. (Same deal as Series3 though, only two tuners can record at the same time.)
  • No frontal display, Glo remote, or THX cert, still no support for multi-room viewing, TiVoToGo, and TiVoToComeBack
  • $300 price tag
Get the deeper treatment in our Q&A with TiVo's Jim Denney.

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