Canon's iVIS HG10 AVCHD camcorder packs a 40GB disk

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Not to be outdone by Panasonic's flurry, Canon just announced their iVIS HG10 camcorder set to roll in September. Unlike their first AVCHD recorder (the HR10) the HG10 records 1,920 x 1,080 video to a 40GB disk drive instead of a DVD platter. While the HG10 does bump recordings to 15Mbps at maximum setting (compared to the HR10's 12Mbps), the two camcorders are pretty much feature-for-feature identical right on down to the ¥140,000 (about $1,188) price tag. Fortunately, the good folks at Impress do a good side-by-side comparison with Sony's disk-based HDR-SR7/SR8 jobbies if the decision process is causing you too much grief.

[Via Impress]
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