Panasonic's HDC-SX5 and HDC-SD5 3CCD AVCHD camcorders, again

Panasonic just announced the availability of their HDC-SX5 and HDC-SD5 3CCD AVCHD camcorders for the North American and European markets. Just for the sake of confusion, these appear to be the exact same cameras already announced for Japan under the HDC-DX3 and HDC-SD3 models. As such, we're still looking at 1920 x 1080 recordings direct to SDHC cards (the SD5) or to 8-cm DVDs (the SX5) with built-in optical image stabilization. The only real news then is the date: September 2007 for an undisclosed price though likely around $1,200 (including tax) like their Japanese brethren.

Update: Ah, found the differences: the SX5 and SD5 are about 20% smaller and lighter than their DX3 and SD3 cousins.

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