GTAIV delayed until 2008's second quarter

David Dreger
D. Dreger|08.02.07

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GTAIV delayed until 2008's second quarter
GTAIV delayed until 2008's second quarter

Take 2 Interactive just announced that Grand Theft Auto IV will be delayed until 2008's second fiscal quarter, to compensate for some development processes that have taken longer than anticipated. The release confirms that this is taking place for both consoles, so it should be expected than when a new firm date is announced, that the 360's will mirror the PS3's.

There has been no word of what this means for the episodic content under development for the 360 version of the game, as it was initially scheduled for a second quarter release in 2008. While we are saddened that we won't be experiencing Rockstar North's grand opus this holiday, our wallets definitely feel the pressure being lifted, if only slightly. We'll have to wait and see how this affects Microsoft's projected game sales this holiday, as 2004 may still remain top dog with the absence of GTAIV in October.

[Via Joystiq]
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