Twenty20's VholdR wearable camera catches your sick moves

When you're seriously shredding on your semi-dangerous vehicle of choice (bike, motorbike, personal jetpack, electric unicycle) and you need to capture some of your "moves," you're going to be reaching for something like the VholdR. Well, you probably won't be reaching for it, since Twenty20 says this is "wearable," and though it looks similar to the company's helmet camera, we think you're supposed to put it somewhere else. Regardless -- you'll at least be reaching for the record button... er, switch. The small camera will supposedly capture all your freshest moments with its 192 degree rotating lens, twin laser alignment, "fine line" compression engine, and shockproof, splashproof aluminum enclosure. Finally, a device which is equally matched to your daredevil-like, extreme lifestyle. Available during "the holiday season" for $349.99, and ready for preorders right now.