Twenty20 helmet camera records sweet jumps

It's not like the world really needed yet another alternative when it comes to helmet cams, but considering just how diminutive Twenty20's iteration really is, we can't kvetch too much. The ten-ounce device comes ready to record with a battery pack, helmet mount, external microphone, and a CMOS image sensor. The company claims that the OmniVision-equipped camera can last a whopping 16 or so hours from a single 9-volt cell, and the aluminum exterior supposedly protects it from any bangs, bruises, and extreme temperature damage. As expected, you will want to bring along your own video recorder to capture the action that the unit records, and just in case you're hoping to capture a bit more of what's going on, the outfit even sells a wide angle lens kit, motorcycle mount, and wired controller for your convenience. The basic camera set is available right now for a reasonable $249.99, and while we wouldn't recommend endangering your life just to capture a jaw-dropping vid, we're sure the collective YouTube universe will appreciate your valorousness.