Head-mounted surveillance cam packs 30GB HDD

doublevision pro

We've wanted a camera that we could take everywhere to record everything we see from our POV ever since we saw Edison Carter doing it back in the day. Of course, his rig was way too bulky and cumbersome to really carry around for any length of time. Fortunately, now that we're living 20 minutes in the future, all that has changed, and there are setups like the DoubleVision series from the U.K.'s Second Sight Surveillance (not to mention other POV-cams from outfits like Viosport). The DoubleVision Pro is particularly sweet, combining a head-mounted camera with a pocket 30 GB HDD that can store as much as 46 hours of video. While Second Sight markets the unit as a mobile surveillance device, we could easily see ourselves donning this and zapping our raw footage up to Bigtime TV.

[Thanks, Marc]