Jabra's BT8040 Bluetooth headset syncs to multiple devices

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.03.07

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Jabra's BT8040 Bluetooth headset syncs to multiple devices
Hot on the heels of BlueAnt's Z9 comes a new one from Jabra, and while this Bluetooth earpiece doesn't strike us as revolutionary in the design department, it does add a bit of flexibility not often found on similar alternatives. Beyond the obligatory voice dialing, handsfree profile support, A2DP compatibility, USB connectivity, DSP noise reduction, and automatic volume adjustment, the BT8040 sports Multi-point technology that enables it to sync to two devices simultaneously. Yes, this does mean that you can pretend to be listening to your kvetching sibling whilst actually taking in your favorite jam from your BT-enabled audio source. No word just yet on price nor availability, but we can imagine multitaskers everywhere lining up for this one.
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