Asus Eee PC pricing and release dates loosed: less flash for more money?

Updated ·1 min read

Take it for what you will, but a forum jockey over at Eeeuser claims to be up on the hubbub regarding the release details of the Eee PC for the US. According to the poster's "high ranking manager" source within ASUS North America, three models of the Eee PC will ship. Of these, two will ship to the US in late September: a $269-$299 model with 7-inch display, 2GB of storage (4GB was the previously stated minimum), 4- or 6-cell battery, 512MB or memory and built-in WiFi; and a $369-399 model which bumps the storage to 4GB. Both models will be available in black or white with those 4- and 6-cell batteries delivering up to 4- and 5-hours of runtime, respectively. Unfortunately, that hotly anticipated $200 model will not be making its way into the North American market. So while it looks like we'll be getting less flash for more money, none of this is official until ASUS says it's so, ok?

[Thanks, Ken]