Logitech intros Alto Cordless laptop stand / dock

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Logitech intros Alto Cordless laptop stand / dock
Logitech just busted out a couple of new additions to its Alto line of laptop stands a few months ago, but it looks like the company has found yet more ways to make your laptop a bit more comfortable to use, with it today introducing its new Alto Cordless model. The main distinction here, of course, is that the keyboard is now freed from the main unit thanks to some newfangled wireless technology although, as with the original Alto, you'll have to supply your own mouse (which can be accommodated by one of the three USB ports on the base). Also like the original, the Alto Cordless can elevate your laptop for some more comfortable viewing, although it's apparently not recommended for use with laptops larger than 15.4-inches. Look for this one to be available sometime next month for an even $100, with an optional $20 power adapter also available for those that need powered USB ports.

[Via HardwareGeeks]
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