Logitech intros G51 surround sound system for PC gamers

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.22.07

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Logitech intros G51 surround sound system for PC gamers
Logitech is breaking away from all those iPod-friendly speaker stations a moment and getting down to business with the G51 Surround Sound Speaker System. Designed for PC gamers and film-watchers alike, this 5.1 rig features "360-degree surround sound with dual Matrix modes," which creates a "surround-sound experience from any common two-channel stereo source." Furthermore, users can look forward to built-in headphone / microphone jacks, a convenient mute button, customizable satellites, gaming and music Matrix modes, 155-watts of total power, a ported, down-firing subwoofer, and independent volume controls for good measure. Notably, Logitech's latest setup won't exactly break the bank, as interested consumers can bring these home for just $199.99 this October.

[Via TheNewsMarket]
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