Okoro Media Systems shipping CableCARD-equipped rigs

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.22.07

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Okoro Media Systems shipping CableCARD-equipped rigs
Hot on the heels of Dell and HP launching (or in the case of the latter, relaunching) CableCARD-equipped machines of their own, along comes Okoro Media Systems to give you yet another option to consider. Truth be told, you've now got five more alternatives to ponder, as the firm's OMS-TH540, OMS-TH550, OMS-BX300, OMS-GX100, and OMS-GX300 all come with CableCARD availability. Christopher Curry, VP of Sales and Operations, even stated that CableCARDs should "soon be available in [the outfit's] entry-level systems," too. Price wise, the ATI TV Wonder Digital CableCARD Tuner (or two, if you so choose) will run you $250 (apiece) above the price of the standard "OTA HDTV and Analog SDTV Recording" option.

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