Mossberg harshes on Dell's new Vostro lineup

That's right Walt, kick 'em while they're down. The godfather of tech-soul has given Dell's new Vostro lineup of PCs and services for small (25 employees and less) businesses a thorough drubbing this morning. How bad was it? Well, he found the entire Vostro initiative to be, "nothing special, nothing particularly tailored for small business at all." While the lack of craplets (pre-loaded trial software) was a nicety, the fact that they ship the XP units without any "security software" but with the notoriously insecure IE6 browser (not 7 or even Firefox) was simply inexcusable for machines sold to businesses without IT departments. He even dubs the affordable yet "bulky, plain" Vostro 1500 a "branding-and-marketing ploy." Ouch. See the man throw down the criticism after the break.