WRUP: family time edition

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Richard Mitchell
August 24th, 2007
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WRUP: family time edition

We spend a lot of time here at X3F reporting on games that require hours of isolation from loved ones. We more or less direct our readership to dedicate their precious hours to solitary gaming endeavors. Sure, you might be connected to Xbox Live with other gamers, but what about the flesh-and-blood splicers people right behind you, begging for the tiniest morsel of your Adam attention? It is for those people that we write this week's WRUP. So, please, make an effort to spend some time with your Big Daddy and Little Sister* this weekend. We know they would appreciate it.

We ask you to look deep inside yourself as we ask, what will you be playing this weekend?

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What were you playing? (WRUP archive)

*Whether you decide to kill her or save her is up to you, of course.
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