GPS-equipped cellphone nabs lazy New York school system employee

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Sean Cooper
September 3rd, 2007
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GPS-equipped cellphone nabs lazy New York school system employee

GPS is an amazing tool that we typically celebrate in the newest handsets, and we're assuming John Halpin was likely feeling the same until its data was used against him. Aparently, this construction foreman for New York's school system received a phone from his employers and was subsequently caught on some 83 occasions over five months abandoning ship early and heading home. His employers were able to get at all that handy GPS data and see where he was -- we're really hoping only on weekdays -- at any given time throughout the day. While we admire the Man's clever use of new technology, we can't help but feel for Mr. Halpin and the unfortunate -- and arguably privacy invading -- way he was caught. The data also apparently pointed out that he arrived at work as much as two hours early on some days, though that bonus time didn't seem to help his case. We guess from now on we may all be well served by ignoring the age-old advice and looking that gift horse in the mouth. We'll post up the -- hopefully happy -- ending to this story as soon as we hear about it.

[Via TheRawFeed]

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