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RIM experiencing another BlackBerry outage?

RIM experiencing another BlackBerry outage?
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|September 7, 2007 8:12 PM
Ruh roh, did RIM have another widespread BlackBerry outage? Reports are popping up all across the internets that since as early as this morning BlackBerry users were unable to get their email on T-Mobile or AT&T, and possibly other carriers as well. From the sound of things though, Jim Basille's prayers to the fair and equitable Gods of Push Email were answered, as RIM issued the following statement:

"Some customers using BlackBerry Internet Service experienced a delay this afternoon in sending or receiving email. The issue has since been resolved and no messages were lost. RIM continues to investigate the matter. Service for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers was not impacted. RIM apologizes to customers for any inconvenience."

Oh great, just put many a young, connected couples' relationships in harm's way -- please RIM, won't you think of the yet-unconcieved children?

P.S. -If you're (still) having problems, sound off in comments! Let us know where you're at, who your carrier is, etc.