BlackBerry email still down, withdrawal setting in

As we noted last night, BlackBerry email is experiencing a service interruption of massive proportions, with the entire Western hemisphere unable to do the push email thing since 8PM EST on Tuesday. Things were supposed to be patched up by midnight last night, but apparently RIM is still trying to reset the system, and expects the problem to last into the morning. Even once the system is good to go -- and we are starting to here reports of some people getting their email -- it'll still take a while for RIM to process through the backlog of email, and the word is they'll be taking it slow as to not esplode the system again, so for all you CrackBerry addicts out there: you might be in for a wait, our thoughts are with you and your idle thumbs.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: BBC is now reporting that RIM has "most" of its North American network back, and that it's "closely monitoring systems in order to maintain normal service levels." (What were they doing before, playing ping pong?) As mentioned before, some users will experience delays as RIM clears the backlog of unsent emails.

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