Altec Lansing intros a slew of audio output options

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|09.10.07

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Altec Lansing intros a slew of audio output options
Altec Lansing is getting seriously serious about your output -- or rather, the lack thereof. The company -- known for making all kinds of funky gear to facilitate rockin' good times and totally bodacious partying -- has just released a handful of new products aimed at the iPod or PC user who needs to get his or her sound heard. First on the list is the $129.95 IMT521 Soundblade (pictured), a totally righteous device that uses your wireless waves to blast the latest Rihanna jam from whatever Bluetooth-equipped device you happen to have laying around (mobile phone, PMP, the truck from Maximum Overdrive... er, wait). Also in your musical future is the $39.95 IMT207 Orbit-M and the IM207 Orbit-MP3, circular speaker devices that let you pipe your 100,000-million-song playlists into an actual speaker (via the headphone jack) and rock for 24-hours straight on three AAA batteries. The company is also offering the cute-as-a-button IMT127 Nobi ($39.95), a small, square speaker that's aimed at Nokia XpressMusic users, and the $99.95, PC-centric SoundBar; a strip-speaker that sits between you and your monitor for full-blast audio action. No word on street dates, but rumor has it these are headed out sometime in October.
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