Hulk PC mod smashes expectations, makes us green with envy

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.05.07

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For common Hulk collectors, performing "plastic surgery" on one of your favorite figurines may not sound reasonable, but then again, not too many of 'em have tried to make a 13-inch poseable monster lug around a PC. Enter the Hulk PC mod, which ranks up there pretty high among the most astounding rigs we've ever seen. The project began with a simple store-bought Raging Hulk, a micro-ATX motherboard, lots of tools and a vision. Some 14 months later, the final creation was complete. We can't begin to describe how much work was actually put into this thing here, but feel free to click on through for a couple more shots and hit the read link to visit the beast's dedicated site.

[Thanks, John]

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