Nokia decapitates tablet puppy, upgrades to N800

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.25.07

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Nokia decapitates tablet puppy, upgrades to N800

We're not sure if the new OS or upgraded features actually give it anymore bite, but Nokia's adorable little tablet puppy has on first glance been beheaded and rebuilt with an N800 for a noggin. Actually, after an exhaustive investigation by the Humane Society, it was determined that the 770-based pup was not in fact harmed in some sort of perverse head-swapping operation, but is instead frolicking happily among retired AIBOs and broken Dirt Dogs at the robot hospital. Next up for the family is an N810-crowned model, whose QWERTY grille is sure to make other robot dogs cower in fear. Keep reading to catch a video of this precocious little fellow in action...

[Image courtesy of Crave]

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