The Club videos shoot up the place

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Sega has released a trailer for the upcoming shooter The Club, which is being developed by Bizarre Creations (their last game before working solely under Activision). The trailer is very slick, showing off the cast of the arcade shooter. The characters run the gamut of generic badasses: there's the square-jawed Russian, the tough cop (gone bad?), the obstinate Irishman, and ... well, a crazy guy in a rain slicker. There's even a guy named -- we kid you not -- Killen. But what's a cool trailer without little gameplay? Nothing, that's what. So, we've included a gameplay trailer after the break. The Club is a little different from most 3rd person shooters, as its main focus is constant action. The faster you make your kills, the more your score multiplier increases. Essentially, it's 3rd person Geometry Wars on steroids. Watch and enjoy.

[Via Gamertag Radio]
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