Massively's massive giveaways: Ideazon Z-Board winners!

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Massively's massive giveaways: Ideazon Z-Board winners!

More and more winners are replying to those ever-crucial emails, and the results are rolling in! That's right, we have the names of the winners from the two Age of Conan giveaways we did for our launch! For those of you who missed out, these two lucky winners have each landed their very own Ideazon Z-Board gaming keyboards! (Well, we couldn't very well give out copies of the game yet.)

So to end the suspense, we'd like to send out massive congrats to Twoworms and Excelsior for being the two lucky winners of the Ideazon Z-Boards! When they bring out the Age of Conan keypads, be sure to let us know how those work, eh? We suspect the extra edge in those fatality moves will be handy to have.

Again, if you haven't white-listed emails from and (that means put it in your "not spam" filter) then be sure to do so! We hate to have anyone miss out on a prize because they didn't reply in time.

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