Toshiba's new Tekbright 7-inch photo frame

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Paul Miller
December 3rd, 2007
Toshiba's new Tekbright 7-inch photo frame

We can't help getting distracted by fond memories of Lite-Brites with a name like this, but that toy of yore really has nothing on Toshiba Tekbright's 7-inch 720 x 480 photo frame -- as long as you discount love, rainbows and happiness. The Tekbright photo frame includes 64MB of built-in storage, USB 2.0, plenty of memory card slots, and simultaneous MP3 playback. The 129 Euro pricetag ($190 US) isn't exactly free, and the looks aren't anything special, but we're sure this Europe-only frame will find a home or three for the holidays.
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