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Sony delivers four Handycam updates: DCR-DVD108, DVD308, DVD408, and DVD508


Sony updates their consumer DVD camcorder line with minor upgrades across the board, from the low-end DCR-DVD108 (pictured, right) to the high-end DVD508, which updates the DVD505. Nothing you'll need to write home about, here -- some upgraded lenses in the DVD108 and DVD308 and a Dual Record feature for the DVD408 and DVD508, allowing users to simultaneously shoot stills and record video -- but all the new cams do add a handy dual-layer feature, allowing you to double your recording time by writing to both dual-layer DVD+-R/RW. The DCR-DVD108 and DVD308 will ship in February of ought seven at $450 and $550, respectively, while you can expect the two higher-end models in March for $700 for the DVD408 and $900 for the DVD508.

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