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ANYCOM FIPO connects Bluetooth devices to iPod accessories

Darren Murph

If there's one thing the iPod has going for it in comparison to basically every other DAP / PMP out there, it's that the accessory market is just brimming with new Made for iPod gizmos, but for those of you non-Apple owners out there who yearn for an iPod Hi-Fi or one of the other bazillion speaker systems tailored specifically for Apple's cash cow, you can commence thanking your lucky stars. ANYCOM has unveiled a Bluetooth receiver / protocol converter for any device that supports Apple's iPod, which takes any tune streamed over A2DP and plays it through the iPod speaker system, regardless of the type of media player / cellphone you're using. The tiny (black or white, obviously) device operates on Bluetooth 2.0 and accepts music from any A2DP-enabled device as well as controlling functions from any unit supporting AVRCP; users simply click the device into the accessory's dock adapter, pair it with their A2DP source, and stream away. While we're admittedly enthused about such a device, it is a bit shocking that something similar hasn't come along sooner, but regardless, ANYCOM's FIPO should hit mass production in mid-February and run you about $99.

[Via BlueTomorrow]

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