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Denon busts out headphones aplenty


Denon isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind when you think of headphones, so you can be forgiven for mistaking this group here for the company's first ever when they're in fact only the latest, albeit the most consumery the company has yet offered. The most affordable of the lot is the $150 AH-D1000 set, available in your choice of black or silver and designed to be equally at home hooked up to your MP3 player or home stereo, also packing Denon's trademark "microfiber diaphragm technology," which supposedly boosts sound quality and reduces distortion. Taking things up a notch, the $350 AH-D2000 cuts down on the portability but presumably ups the aural enjoyment, while the $700 AH-D5000 tops things off with a genuine mahogany covering on the cans, which Denon says will improve acoustics, not to mention fit in nicely with your collection wood-paneled electronics. Look for all three of 'em to be available later this month. Also now hitting our shores but announced in Japan a few months back are a pair of earbud models, including the $50 AH-C350, offering just about the lowest entry-point for any Denon product, and the $200 AH-C700, which should provide that little extra something for the more discerning listener.

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