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Guitar Hero II surfs Xbox 360 crowd on April 3


Activision has grabbed the nearest microphone and screeched out the official release date for the Xbox 360's Guitar Hero II.

"Pay attention you motherfrackers,
drop the keyboards PC hackers,
Guitar Hero II drops April three,
get out your wallets these frets ain't free! Woooowrgh!"

You'll likely be able to obtain much better tunes than that lyrical atrocity later on, thanks to this version's ability to download a "consistent stream of new tracks" from Xbox Live. RedOctane's Dusty Welch notes in the press release that the online component "is going to provide an incredible opportunity for our fans to extend the gameplay experience, and we have ambitious ideas to continue to fully support these efforts." Sadly, said ambitious ideas don't include online multiplayer just yet.

[Image: NeoGAF]

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