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Puget Custom Computer's mineral-oil-cooled PC

Nilay Patel

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We've definitely seen our share of wacky CPU cooling (and silencing) schemes, but most liquid-cooling setups aren't as, uh, immersive as Puget Custom Computer's mineral-oil-cooled PC. Essentially a motherboard in an aquarium topped off with fluid, the Washington company claims the oil effectively cools system components for up to 12 hours at peak load. While traditional homebrew oil-cooling setups use vegetable oil, the Puget crew chose mineral oil because it's perfectly clear and, more importantly, doesn't go rancid after a while. Disadvantage? Large quantities of mineral oil are difficult to find -- Puget had to explain what they were doing to a local vet, who normally uses the stuff as a horse laxative. That means those of you looking to build one of these better get friendly with Fido's doc, cause Puget isn't planning on selling these. Peep a vid of the crazy setup -- including the aquarium's bubble bar in action -- after the jump.

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