The ion cooled PC (and smog generator)

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Thomas Ricker
September 18th, 2006
The ion cooled PC (and smog generator)

You know that ionic "air purifier" grandma shouldn't use due to health risks? If only you could repurpose the ion generator to create a silent PC... just think of the geek cred! Well, the kids over at Inventgeek did just that and created what they are calling the "first ionic cooling system" ever developed for a completely silent, high-end gaming rig. Sure it'll cost you about a grand for the modification gear, but in the end you'll be pushing 325 cubic-feet of air per minute at 0.0dBA without any moving parts or increased power consumption. Hey, that's what they're saying. Oh there's still the risk of living room smog, but that Inconvenient Truth is certainly better than drowning in a vat of vegetable oil now isn't it silencers? Be sure to click the read link for all the DIY gore.

[Via Hack A Day]
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