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Apple's M1 iPad Air drops to a new low of $399

It’s not the latest model, but it’s still dang good.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Apple’s M1 iPad Air has dropped to a new low price of $399, just as the latest model prepares to hit store shelves. This sale is from Amazon and it doesn’t include every color, though both blue and purple are covered by this steep discount. The other colors are also on sale, but the deals aren’t quite as spicy. Amazon’s sale is for the base 64GB model.

This is a discount of $200 or 33 percent. 

$399 at Amazon

This device tops our list of the best iPads, though that’s likely to change once the new models enter the chat. No matter what happens with our list in the future, however, this is still a powerful and highly capable tablet with plenty of bells and whistles. We love the gorgeous screen, which is a serious step up from the bottom rung 10th-gen iPad. This one also gets you a more powerful chip.

We also enjoyed the form factor. It’s called the iPad Air and it shows. This is a lighter-than-average tablet that’s easy to hold and maneuver, even for long periods of time. The M1 chip is powerful enough to handle just about any app or game you throw at it and the 10.9-inch display is bright, sharp and accurate. It’s pretty much the Platonic ideal of a tablet. We even called it “the closest to being universally appealing and the best iPad for most people.”

There’s no Face ID, which isn’t a huge deal by my estimation as tablets are harder than phones to wrangle into that sweet spot for a quick facial scan. The 64GB of available storage is also on the smaller side, making this device more of a content consumption machine than anything else. The only major downside is that the new iPad Air is a hair better in just about every aspect, though it’s also at least $200 more expensive.

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