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Type N700 bullet train is Japan's fastest yet


The Type N700, a new bullet train developed by Central Japan Railway and West Japan Railway is being touted as the fastest ever, reaching speeds of up to 186mph (the previous high-water mark was 168.5mph), and making the trek from Tokyo to Osaka in about two hours and 25 minutes (a whopping 5 minutes faster than the previous model). The N700 is the first bullet train revamp since 1999's Type 700, and uses a new form of Automatic Train Control (or ATC) to govern the train's speed and stability during curves in the track. Additionally, the N700 boasts a 30% increase in acceleration, which reduces the amount of time it takes to reach its maximum speed. Truth be told, it all seems like a lot of money and trouble for an extra 5 minutes -- if these cats really wanted to step up their game, they should speak with the French.

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