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SlingPlayer Mobile for S60 goes gold

Chris Ziegler

Sweet, we can stop drooling from afar at 3's exclusive on the Symbian rendition of SlingPlayer Mobile -- and just in time, what with the N95-3 launch and all! Following Windows Mobile and Palm OS versions, the commercial version of SlingPlayer Mobile for S60 offers some exciting new features, namely support for WiFi and a full-screen landscape viewing mode that's sure to be a fan favorite. In the US, Sling is officially supporting the Nokia E65, N75, and N95 with the software, while Europe gets the 6120 and N73 as well. If you're lucky enough to have scooped an N95 in the US, hang onto your dimes -- Sling's putting a deal in place to offer the player to you free of charge -- but otherwise, pick it up for $29.99, $34.99 in Canada, or £19.99 in the UK.

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