Creative Xdock HD upconverts iPod content to 720p / 1080i

We've no qualms with seeing yet another iPod dock that upscales material to HD, but it seems Creative got a bit too rambunctious when penning its press release for the Xdock HD. Contrary to its claims, the aforementioned device actually isn't the first to do what it does. 'Course, it may have a point with the whole "upscaling your audio to X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity," so we'll just consider it a wash. Nevertheless, this bugger connects to your home theater system via HDMI, component or composite and relies on analog / optical outputs for audio. It also outputs an HD interface, comes with a remote and has the ability to "distribute music throughout your home to X-Fi Wireless Receivers up to 100 feet away without requiring a wireless network." Unfortunately, the Xdock HD (bundled with one X-Fi Wireless Receiver) will set you back nearly four bills, but you can look for it later this Spring if it tickles your fancy.

[Via PCMag]