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HD over power lines: more sensible than wireless

HD over power lines: more sensible than wireless
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|January 10, 2008 8:58 PM
After waxing rhapsodic in our last podcast about how dodgy the issue of wireless HDMI / wireless HD really is, we're beginning to wonder if passing along 1080i / 1080p content on existing power lines is an acceptable (or flat out better) alternative. Granted, PowerLine applications haven't had the best of luck over the years functioning as advertised, but given that PowerLine-enabled HD media streamers are already seeing reality, we're hoping the technology can advance beyond its flawed past. Another example of said technology moving forward is the debut of several PLC (Power Line Communication) adapters from Sharp, which can be used to connect an AQUOS Net HDTV (among other devices) to the internet via electrical wiring. Truth be told, we're crossing our fingers that this stuff can really take off -- after all, you'll still be stuck figuring out a way to run a single wire to an AC outlet regardless of everything else. Of course, only time will tell if DRM-laced, uncompressed HD content will flow unimpeded through a home's electrical infrastructure, but this corner is definitely rooting for it.

[Image courtesy of X10]