New "85 Mbps" HomePlug Turbo products not so turbo?

So it's not really news to hear that most networking products don't actually speed along at their advertised Mbps, but Tom Networking has the low down on those new 85 Mbps HomePlug products hitting the market and it sounds like they're taking this disparity thing to new heights. The good news is that HomePlug Turbo products (they tested devices from Actiontec, NETGEAR and SMC) best HomePlug 1.0 by a few hard earned Mbps, averaging around 10 Mbps compared to the pokey 3-5Mbps of the original, the downside is you'll be paying twice as much for the privilege, and won't even be scraping the 4-6x speed improvements claimed. Chipmaker Intellon even confirmed the results, so if you want that extra boost, can't string cables, and WiFi isn't cutting it, you might not have many more options, but at least you know what you're getting into.