Bowers & Wilkins introduces Liberty wireless speaker system

Apparently, Bowers & Wilkins didn't want the whole world talking at once about its forthcoming Liberty at CES, but regardless, the self-proclaimed "wireless entertainment system" is all out in the open now. Slated to land this fall for a currently undisclosed price, the setup will consist of two XTW 8 towers, a pair of XTW 2 bookshelf units, an XTW Center channel and a PVW 1 subwoofer. Additionally, you'll find integrated class-D amplifiers and a rather sexy (albeit elusive) control unit, and if that wasn't enough, it's also the "first wireless system" capable of transmitting eight channels -- 5.1 for one room and two extra channels for remote zones. This system even utilizes "dynamic channel selection," which enables it to switch frequencies on the fly and choose the least trafficked frequency band to nix delay. Sadly, we've no price to share, but we wouldn't expect it to come cheap by any stretch of the imagination. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via AudioJunkies]