Plaxo improves Address Book sync and adds iPhone UI

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Michael Rose
January 23rd, 2008
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Plaxo improves Address Book sync and adds iPhone UI
One-time contact manager, now full-blown social networking site Plaxo has its share of fans and detractors; despite the privacy concerns of its address management techniques, you can't deny that its Mac support has been good and getting better, with a new build of the Address Book plugin released on January 16. Now the Plaxo Pulse service has joined the touchable generation by releasing an iPhone-optimized UI for Pulse.

If you haven't seen Pulse, it provides a social superfeed of the actions and updates your friends and contacts have posted to their various info outlets (kind of like Flock in the cloud). It may seem Big Brotherish, but if you're already using Plaxo, an iPhone version could be icing on the cake.

The Plaxonians have posted a video demo of the new features (with a very handsome collie!), embedded after the break.
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