All fires are not the same

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All fires are not the same
I've noticed lately while running around and doing my daily cooking quest that some flames are not the same as others. This seems rather silly to me. After all, a flame is a flame, right?

For those of you that don't cook in WoW, I'll fill you in. You need to find a cooking fire every time you want to cook something. Everyone has the ability to make a simple fire, but this requires reagents, and is not something that people normally waste space on. So instead of making your own fire, you can find a premade fire, stove, kettle, etc... and cook your food there. These heat sources are spread out all over major cities and out in the wild.

But, there are oddities. For example, take these two kettles - which are the exact same model.

The one on the left is right in front of the cooking daily quest giver in Shattrath and will cook food for you. The one on the right is a bit over to the East, still in Shattrath, and won't cook food for you. Notice anything different (besides the viewing angle) about the images? Nope. One is a cooking flame, the other isn't.

The same goes for those braziers spread out around Shat. Some are flames, others are not. For example, the left image is from lower Shattrath (not a fire), and the right image is from Aldor Rise (a fire). The models are only slightly different, and occupy the same "look and feel" function for the city. Yet one is for looking and the other is for cooking.

Hopefully someone at Blizzard might just notice this inconsistency and decide to fix it. Well, that and every other issue in the game.

Have you noticed any other strange inconsistencies like this in the game?
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