Introducing Peter Moore: the blogger

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Richard Mitchell
February 12th, 2008
Introducing Peter Moore: the blogger

After years of abuse from the blogosphere (including plenty from around these parts), Peter Moore has decided to join the enemy and become a blogger ... in a manner of speaking anyway. First of all, Peter won't be joining the ranks of video game journalism, but will instead be posting for the benefit of the EA Sports community. Second, it's not a dedicated blog per se, but more of a glorified forum post. Still, Peter Moore will be taking regular chunks of his schedule and dedicating them to communicating with the masses. Entitled Inside the Game, the blog serves as a soap box for Moore to share whatever his heart desires. In the first installment of the blog, his heart desires to go back in time and get the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. He also takes some time to mention FaceBreaker and take a few good-natured potshots at Major Nelson.

The blog mostly serves as an introduction to the concept, so don't go looking for any bombshells. Still, it's an interesting read, and hopefully Inside the Game will become a regular source for newsworthy information from EA.
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