T-Mobile CEO hints at summer launch for 3G, Android handset in Q4

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.12.08

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It's bordering on preposterous how long we've been teased about 3G connectivity from T-Mobile, but apparently, the madness will end this summer. According to CNET, company CEO Hamid Akhavan made mention at Mobile World Congress that T-Mobile would be rolling out 3G sometime during the warmest months of 2008 here in the US of A, but unfortunately, no concrete date was dished out. What he did say, however, was that it would prove to be the "best 3G network" in the nation, so yeah, there's that. As if that weren't enough to get T-Mob subscribers in a celebratory mood, the bigwig also hinted that a Google Android device would be unveiled on its network during Q4 of this year, but we're left to wonder exactly what regions will see it.

[Via The Boy Genius Report, image courtesy of Flickr]
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