T-Mobile's 3G "crawl-out" blamed on government

T-Mobile is apparently in a tizzy over the apparent slow pace which the government -- like law enforcement and homeland security -- is moving to free up the 1700 MHz spectrum that it spent heavily on in last year's AWS auction. After spending a cool $4.1 billion on 120 licenses for spectrum and earmarking another $2.1 billion for the UMTS / HSDPA upgrades, we get that they're peeved. Unfortunately for T-Mob, $1.1 billion of the AWS auction blood money will be used for the government's spectrum shift and they have up to six years to get it done -- though in T-Mobile defense, they've offered up $50 million to help speed up the process. It looks like it will be a tough slog for the last-place-in the-3g-race crew, here's hoping things work out soonish.

[Via PhoneScoop]