A message to those that ask me to group

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A message to those that ask me to group
Dear PUG Members,

Recently you've asked me to group with you. This is cool, and I appreciate being wanted. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The same warm and fuzzy feeling you get after you've killed a million boars and are holding the Sword of a Thousand Truths. However, if you don't mind, could we go over a few dos and don'ts?

Here's what you should do:
  • Do ask nicely if I have time to join your group.
  • Do look to see if I'm using the LFG tool. If I'm not, I probably don't want to group.
  • Do offer me at least 100 gold to run you through the Stockades. The two gold you're putting forth does not make up for the time it's going to take me to run you through.
  • Do talk in English or some other real language. I'll even accept Klingon. Leet speak is not a language.
  • Do ask if everyone is ready before MDing the boss to me.
  • Do use Omen or KTM.
  • Do use something more than auto-attack.
Here's what you should NOT do:
  • Do not just invite me without saying something.
  • Do not assume that because Vashj is at 2% I'll have time for your Deadmines group in 10 minutes.
  • Do not ask if you can join my guild. Go look at WoW Insider's Guildwatch instead.
  • Do not ask me for gold.
  • Do not bother me when you see that I'm in Kara/Gruul/Mags/SSC/TK/MH/BT.
  • Do not assume I know you are going AFK in the middle of a boss fight.
  • Do not forget to stealth when you're going to sap a mob.
So if you, dear PUG member, can start doing these things, I would really appreciate it. Qapla'!

~ Adam.

P.S. If you have any more dos and don'ts you'd like to share, I await your reply. ;-)
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