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Official Dead Space website is alive

Official Dead Space website is alive
Dustin Burg
Dustin Burg|March 5, 2008 2:00 PM
We just got word that the official website for EA's upcoming space-horror shooter Dead Space is now alive and kicking over at deadspace.ea.com. And once there, you'll not only be treated to a plethora of in-game Dead Space screenshots and a previously released trailer, but you'll also come across other gory goodies. Digging deeper, you'll find a rather intriguing comic book style video that sets up the game's story as well as a downloadable fan kit, a developer blog and some old school forums as well. It's what we in the business would call a Dead Space fanboy's "dream". Make the jump, browse a bit and see what you can find over in the online world of Dead Space. And yes, we'll admit it, our interest has been sparked.
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