China Warrior is a bad game

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China Warrior is a bad game
It's hard to make any mention of the Turbografx-16 side-scrolling brawler China Warrior without its generally-accepted terribleness coming up. Yes, it's not a very good game. It's Kung Fu with big sprites and flying branches. We're sure nobody has downloaded it who wasn't reviewing it. But we forget in our laughter over its current availability that it used to be a retail game. People paid a lot of money for this game. People writing things on Wii Fanboy paid a lot of money for this game.

Vintage Computing's Benj Edwards didn't pay a lot of money for China Warrior, but his price was even higher: hype for the game drove him to trade in his beloved copy of Super Mario Bros. 3. The horror! Edwards' story paints China Warrior as a destructive influence on a happy childhood, one that he is incapable of divesting himself of. If you've bought China Warrior, you'll probably be familiar with his pain.

I still like China Warrior.

[Via GameSetWatch]
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