Buffalo brings LinkTheater HD media streamer to these shores

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Buffalo brings LinkTheater HD media streamer to these shores
Buffalo let loose a pair of LinkTheater HD media streamers in Japan late last year, and it looks like it's now finally decided to bring a little of that HD-streaming 'round here. Unfortunately, for some reason, it's only decided to bring over the wired-only LT-H90LAN model, and not the WiFi-packin' LT-H90WN model that our Japanese friends get to enjoy. If that's not too much of a trade-off for you, however, you can expect the same 720p and 1080i output as before, along with support for streaming of a wide variety of content from both Macs and PCs, as well as USB hard drives and DLNA-compliant media servers. You'll also get HDMI output, with some component video and optical audio connections thrown in for good measure -- and, of course, that 10/100 LAN port. Look for this one to start hitting all the usual sources this month for $199.

[Via Gearlog]
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