CoX In-game Ads: The wrapup

DJ Shecky: I think this is a good spot for us to collect our thoughts, and go over and make sure that we've covered all these questions before we start to wrap things up. What about you guys?

Brian: Sure.

Lighthouse: Sounds good.

DJ Shecky: Gentlemen, I think we were going to give everyone a thirty-second wrapup time. Is that right, Templar?

DJ Templar: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Brian: I'll do my best to only take thirty seconds. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to put us on the air and talk direct with the community and be able to answer their questions. One thing we did want to confirm with everybody is that this is definitely a post-Issue 12 launch. We'll do some testing in the closed and open beta of Issue 12, but our intentions are to go live sometime this summer with the in-game ads. And I just really want to thank our community for continuing to support us, and trust us. And we're doing our best to continue to grow the development and resources to better support their game and improve the game, and we're just real excited about the future of City of Heroes, and all the things we have planned. And we look forward to the next few months where we'll be able to disclose a whole lot more about those plans.

Positron: I'm happy with everything we've done today. I'm glad we had an opportunity to talk with you guys, and answer these questions directly that the players have had. I'm also happy with the way this has been received on the forums. I was kind of steeling myself for today, because I was really unsure of how the majority of the community was going to react. Because we have tried to make this such a friendly addition to the game -- allowing players to opt-out if they just do not want to see any ads -- we wanted to make sure that message was clear. And it was apparent from what we saw on the boards that yes, we did make that message clear, and that yes, we are going to reinvest all of this money straight back into the game, and that a lot of players are actually in favor of this addition.

Lighthouse: And I think also looking at the piece that was really well-recieved was making sure that this really is immersive and adds something to the game. At the end of the day, City of Heroes and Paragon City, and sections of the Rogue Isles, they're cities. And I think we're working hard to make this come off right, and make it a fun addition to the game that people will look back and enjoy and kind of go, "why were we so worried about that? This is kind of fun!" At least that's our hope, and we're working hard to pull that off. And as Brian said, to maintain your trust and your support in the game that you all enjoy and that we love to make.

DJ Templar: Well again, I want to thank all of you guys for coming out, and I hope this went a long way to clear up some of the lingering questions there have been about today's announcement. And I expect the discussions will continue on the forums for quite a while longer.

DJ Shecky: Positron, Brian, Lighthouse, thank you all very much for doing this, and doing it with us. We'd love to have you back any time that you guys want to make any sort of announcements, or if you just even want to say hi.

Brian: We absolutely enjoyed it. Thank you for having us.

Positron: Yes, this was awesome. Thanks.

Lighthouse: And we know that people are really looking forward to Issue 12 information, but there's still a lot more things to talk about with Issue 12. And thanks again to The Cape, and DJ Shecky and DJ Templar for having us on today.

- - -

So there you go: a full transcript of The Cape's interview with NCsoft. As we get more information about in-game advertising -- whether directly from NCsoft, through a third party, or via Issue 12 -- we'll let you know. Until then, thanks for reading Massively. Now go out there and kick some spandex-clad butt!