PvN Dodgeball delayed for new traditional modes

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Blazing Lizard has announced that the XBLA release of Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball has been delayed. The reason for the delay is that Blazing Lizard is "adding more traditional rules dodgeball modes where teams stay only on their side and multiple dodgeballs are in play." This is purely speculation, but it sounds like not everyone was happy with the free-form dodgeball rules that were originally crafted for the game. Just how long the game will be delayed is unclear, though the press release notes that the game will arrive "later this Spring."

Blazing Lizard's Chris Stockman told us earlier this year that Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball began as a traditional dodgeball game. So, hopefully the company already has some working code in place for the new modes and won't keep us waiting too long. Blazing Lizard also released a handful of new screenshots (perhaps to dull the pain). Peruse them in the gallery below.

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