Sega Toys and ZMP team up for Miuro-like Music Robot ODO

ZMP's Miuro may have been doing the whole music-playing, rolling robot thing even before Sony's Rolly stole the spotlight, but it had the slight disadvantage of costing nearly $1,000. The company now looks to be changing that situation, however, with it teaming up with Sega Toys to release a slightly scaled-back but considerable cheaper version of the iPod dock, now dubbed the Music Robot ODO. Among other things, this one drops the built-in WiFi and camera of the Miuro, although it does hang onto the LCD that displays the ODO's "emotion" as it's dancing, and you do get a remote control to keep it from straying too far. No word on a release 'round these parts, naturally, but those in Japan can snag one for the not unreasonable cost of ¥15,540, or about $150.