Miuro, the robotic iPod dock

We literally see a new iPod dock hit the streets every single day (when you can find ten of them at Target, it would seem that the market is already a bit oversaturated), however, Japanese manufacturer' ZMP's Miuro is the first one we've spotted that will actually follow you around the house and shake its groove thing at your behest (well, except for maybe the KNG DJ dock). A not-quite-accurate acronym for "music innovation based on utility robot technology," Miuro is a 14-inch wide, egg-shaped device that can either pump tunes from your docked 'Pod or wirelessly from a PC through its Kenwood-built speakers. The 9-pound bot -- available in either white, black, yellow, or red -- responds to your commands via the included remote, and can gain a little more autonomy with the addition of optional cameras and sensors. Miuro goes on sale in Japan today for a rather pricey $930, and should be making it Stateside sometime in the second half of next year. This will certainly be a boon to us lazy Americans, as soon we'll be able to shed our hefty 'Pods and let a little robotic slave tote them around for us -- until the eventual uprising, that is, when swarms of these things will repeatedly attempt to crush your jugular in your sleep while almost unoticeably piping out "Killing Me Softly."

[Via The Raw Feed]